Just created this site yesterday. Plan to post various things from my life, and from my family. Beyond that, no plans yet.

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  1. Andrew Dawson says:

    Hi Dave, good to find you here. Wondered if you had come across a documentary by Lee Storey http://www.smiletilithurts.com/ about “Up with People”. Trailer looks interesting. Any plans yet? Cheers, Andrew Dawson.

    • David Belden says:

      Nice to hear from you, Andrew. Thanks for the link. I was aware she was making the movie but I never did hear about it coming out in 2009 or see anything about it, which tells you how disconnected I have been from that world of my youth, or how immersed I was in editing the magazine I was at from 07-11. I just saw the trailer and part of another video in which someone asks “Is this an anti-American movie?” and so on: http://smiletilithurts.blogspot.com/. Very interesting and I’ll order the DVD.

      • Andrew Dawson says:

        Am also about to put in an order for the DVD. I was in touch with Lee and she said that it can be purchased from CD Baby . Can well imagine that working with the Tikkun must have been stimulating – wonderful experience. Good news also about Rowan – I think our sons have reached a similar stage in life. Great to see them heading out on the big adventure!

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